Kajabi Resources/Contractors


The list of resources below has NOT been individually endorsed, and none of the people listed are part of the Kajabi Team.

We're providing this list of independent contractors as an alternative to Kajabi Member Services.

Please do your own due diligence, and follow best practices for anyone that you would hire to do work of any type. Get a clear written bid, agree on price and deliverables, and ensure their portfolio reflects what you desire.

In short, we just want to be extra sure that you know these are all independent providers, and are not affiliated with Kajabi.

They may be amazing and wonderful and magical, we just need you to make sure to do your own due diligence :-) 

Work EXCLUSIVELY with New Kajabi members helping with the set up and management of their site. They will help you make all the pieces fit together.

Some of the services that New Kajabi VA Team provides are:

  • Set up of products, sales page and offers
  • Customization of website
  • Creation of landing pages and opt in forms
  • Funnel set up
  • Third Party Email set up and management
  • Your New Kajabi site hosted webinars

Additional services provided by Cori are:

  • Brainstorming sessions to come up with the best practices for your New Kajabi site
  • Pre-launch walkthroughs so you can have confidence during launch.

✉️Contact Cori

Caroline Onyedinma  - CLARIFY Your Message. CAPTIVATE Your Audience. CATAPULT Your Course Sales.

Your #kajabiambassador, #kajabicoach,  #marketing&messagingexpert, #techninja, #queenofconversions

Are you so OVER?…

⛔Flopped launches and poor course sales

⛔Being invisible in your niche

⛔Unclear messaging that turns clients off

⛔Struggling to build a list and even worse ghosting your subscribers

⛔A forgettable brand that doesn’t stand out

⛔Kajabi pipelines that don’t profit

⛔Wasting time and tears over frustrating tech

⛔Losing money due to unfinished programs and procrastination

Are you READY for?...

💰Consistent course sales and increased revenue

💰More authority and a bigger audience

💰A highly engaged list of eager buyers

💰A bold and beautiful brand

💰Better clients who pay premium prices

💰Professionally set up Kajabi courses and offers that take you from scratch to SUCCESS

💰Taking your FREEDOM back

Want the Kajabi strategy,  sales message, setup and support that’ll give you more MONEY, TIME and PEACE OF MIND?

Then email me NOW: caroline@idealclientsdaily.com

P.S. No need to figure it out alone. Get the help you need now to make the revenue you deserve forever.

✉️Contact Caroline

Build sales funnels using new Kajabi only

Automate your passive income streams

Create and build email autoresponder sequences

Build your customer journey in new Kajabi

Connect all the relevant parts of Kajabi together for your launch

✉️Contact Jodee

Consulting and Virtual assistance at a business and technical level

Theme Custom Coding -> New projects and redesigns

Migration Strategy -> moving from another platform to new Kajabi

Integration -> linking 3rd party systems with new Kajabi

Specializing in Wordpress / new Kajabi transparent integration

✉️Contact Steve

Has been working with New Kajabi since the launch in the fall of 2015. Since that time, worked with dozens of satisfied clients and have developed a comprehensive understanding of the Kajabi platform.

  • Customize existing themes, or create customized, original themes to give you the exact look and feel you are seeking from your Kajabi site.
  • Add a custom domain so that your site is easier to access and has a more professional feel.
  • Integrate Kajabi with Infusionsoft, AWeber, Mailchimp and Ontraport.
  • Configure PayPal for payment through Kajabi (Kajabi currently supports Stripe)

Reliable, works quickly, and most importantly, takes pride in delivering an exceptional result to each client.

✉️Contact Rinesh

Together, we can help you build the roadmap to help you not only get the most out of Kajabi, but also better serve your audience. (And your business bottom line!)

Our proven strategy will help get your Kajabi instance running smoothly and effectively to convert your browsers to buyers.

We help you quickly and simply and bypass all those potholes of unfamiliarity.  We look at your business as a whole and help you create a simple, but effective strategy to achieve your business goals.  

We don’t want you to have to worry about making mistakes, feeling overwhelmed, or be left wondering what works and what doesn’t – we want you to focus on building your business and helping your audience, not figuring out how to build wings midair as you try to take off, with Kajabi Made Simple, we’ve got your back!

Below is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can help you with:

  • Biggest opportunities for revenue/conversions
  • Market segmentation
  • Online sales strategy (yes, funnels are part of this)
  • Website flow + external messaging
  • Customer (student) experience
  • Anatomy of landing pages that convert
  • Planning your automation & marketing emails to better help you communicate, nurture, and retain
  • SEO audit & optimization so you show up when people are looking for you
  • Simple trainings to help you manage it all confidently moving forward!

Strategy first, so you can grow your revenue and your impact!

Assisting Kajabi users to build their Kajabi sites, set up Pipelines, Long Form Sales Pages, Create Digital Products, Courses, Email Sequences and more!

The team also work with entrepreneurs to launch their programs and assist with ongoing marketing, promotion and advertising.

✉️Contact Ant

Will take you through the 5 Step Predictable Sales System. After that, you’ll be absolutely ready to launch & scale your business, with or without help.

✉️Contact Shantanu

I teach course and membership site creators how to overcome their tech overwhelm and confidently build their profitable online business.

Are you tired of all the techie and marketing jargon and just want someone to 

Create the online business of your dreams on Kajabi, even if marketing and technology completely overwhelms you.

Let’s get your online business dream out of your head and into reality, using the amazing Kajabi platform and my step-by-step coaching process to:

  • Attract, grow and nurture your audience
  • Build your Kajabi site and start driving traffic
  • Launch and convert your courses/memberships
  • Deliver your content and love on your students and members

I can help you with:

  • One on one coaching to help you make progress fast! I help you to develop your big picture strategy for your course or membership and we get it mapped out so you can start building out your Kajabi site.
  • “Done with You” Implementation Workshops – small group virtual implementation days where we tackle specific projects such as building your audience, creating webinar funnels, creating a high converting sales page for your next launch and we’ll get it done in a day!
  • “Done for You” + Coaching – don’t want to build out your site, your pipelines, your sales pages? I get it! My team can provide this service, BUT, if online marketing is new to you, you also need the coaching to help guide you to the right strategy for building out your marketing strategy and how all the pieces fit together. 

✉️Deanna Fenton

• Kajabi Website Creation and Maintenance - We build full functioning kajabi websites, set up online courses and membership system and create automations.

• SEO - We will implement effective SEO strategies in order to rank your site in google that'll help you generate organic traffic.

• Social Media Management - Creating content, growing and engaging with your audience.

• Graphics and Video editing

• Admin Tasks

• Lead Generation - implement effective strategy to help you generate more leads for your business

Website Setup all of your public-facing website pages Will need your brand logo, color palette, font style and other graphics. Appropriately-sized. If you don’t have this, look online and on Pinterest for inspiration and put together a brand board of things that inspire you and that you feel are visually-congruent and convey your identity, as well as resonate with the clients you want to attract.

Homepage with header navigation links Blog. Podcast. Speaker One Sheet.

Testimonials and Social Proof (written or video or logos of companies you worked for, partnered with or publications you contributed to or interviewed)

Contact Form with Email Notification

Terms and Privacy - customized for your company and added to footer of all web pages for compliance

Social media integration and Social Media Marketing Strategy YouTube Channel Optimization

Calendar scheduling integration with software of your choice. Pre qualification questions or ASK Method survey funnel for list building and segmentation.

Stripe payment integration and Receipt Customization PayPal payment integration

Custom Domain SSL Certificate

Do you currently have a website on Wordpress or another platform that you want to migrate to Kajabi? If so, please let us know. If you are keeping your existing website, we will add links so there is bi-directional navigation between it and Kajabi.

Do you sell physical products on Amazon or Shopify that you want to integrate? If so, we will need images and links to these e-commerce listings.

Do you have affiliate products that you want to offer in addition to your own? If so, we will need product images and links. Do you host live event registration that you want to integrate with your website?

Target Market
Clarify who your most ideal customer avatar is. Create an irresistible offer. Create a high converting sales page, with copywriting. Create an optimized thank you page.

Lead Generation Decide what will be the best thing to offer as your FREE lead magnet. Setup your lead capture page, opt in form, with tags, automated email sequence and optimized thank you page. Landing page conversion optimization. Copywriting. Offer creation.

Inventory of assets and relationships. Books? Blog? Podcast? Baseline the totality of your web presence and social media. Social media strategy...where to share lead capture page URL

Email List Do we need to import contacts from another platform? Is this list segmented in a way in which you want to preserve? If so, we will need several CSV files. If not, then just a single CSV file.

Online Course Delivery Platform Do you have any online course content hosted on another platform that you want to migrated to Kajabi? If so, we will need access to the course content and a CSV file exporting the students names, email addresses and courses they have purchased. We will re-create the online course in Kajabi, add your existing students and grant them “free access” to everything they previously purchased. Migration Questionnaire

Online Course Development in Kajabi Setup your online course outline and product syllabus Upload course content - videos, audios, PDFs and images You will need cloud storage Dropbox or Google Drive to share files. Create 3D cover art for your online course.

Pricing of online course . Optionally, add an upsell to Product Sidebar

Launch Your Online Course Without The Tech Headache

You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. at what you teach,
but tech isn’t your thing.
You are looking to hire an E.X.P.E.R.T.  
so you can outsource the tech and do what you do best
Hi, I'm Sneha

I’m a Strategy and Support Specialist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs conquer their dreams of launching an online course without the TECH OVERWHELM.
My Superpower Is.....

Integrating the TECH you need STRATEGICALLY so that you have an online presence sharing your message and mission with the world,  loud and clear.
I can help build Websites, Funnels, Long Form Sales Pages, Course Set up, Email Marketing, Third Party Integrations, etc. I have been working exclusively on Kajabi for the last three years.
If it can be done in Kajabi, then I  can do it for you. You can reach me at sneha@snehahiremath.com for a free-flowing conversation to know more.

Kajabi Website Design, Configuration, and Support including Course Creation, Pipelines, Integrations, and more.

Video Consulting and Video Editing

Editing and proof-reading of copy/content

Marketing Support

Process Creation and Consulting

So you've found your way to the land of Kajabi and the online world of courses and memberships. 

Exciting isn't it?


Hmmm.... but if you've landed on this page...  

then you've most likely worked out the following:

💠 this amazing shiny new piece of software, that you've added to 
your arsenal, is slightly more complex than you thought 



💠 it's going to take some serious time to get this to look 
how you want it to, and learn all the moving parts​.



💠 there's an art to making a page SELL it's pants off and 
get your message to the world.

Hey - take a breath. 

You're in the right place.


BIG pat on the back.......
for working out that you can actually $$BUY help to
SPEED the whole process up,  AND..... GET your site launched!

Let's face it the quicker you get your shiny new "totally
gorgeous and unique" website up, and your course or membership
built....  the quicker you start making money!


And look at all the resources on here to help you!!!!

You're already 10 steps ahead of the pack just for coming to check us all out!



Let's cut to the chase.


Who am I.

💠Hi. I'm, Penny from Penny In Your Pocket.


My genius zone/s 👇

(this is why you want me in your pocket haha)


💠I make Kajabi sites look un-Kajabi. 
You know how you loved that Squarespace site,
.... or the Showit page, 
or how Marie Forleo's site just pops right off the page.... 
well, we can't do that on Kajabi... NO... JUST JOKES! 
We can get pretty close to these with some creativity.
You want your site unique and showcasing your brand,
without restrictions... that's what I do....❤️


💠I make Sales/Landing Pages un-boring and easier to read...
AND... way more appealing to your target audience. ❤️


💠Keeping things simple. At the end of the day you don't
want another piece of software you can't use... so I help you
learn as you go.
...PLUS - I'm a whiz at automations... in other words...
let's make this platform run without you... let's set your
customers/students up on a journey that runs smoothly and automatically.❤️


> Want to see what I mean by automatically?

Instead of giving you my email here...
(which is what I was supposed to do....I'm such a rule-breaker!)


I'm going to send you to my Kajabi website

Fill in one of the forms and watch what happens.... I dare you!



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